Slim Mate Tea

Slim Mate Tea is a tea beverage especially blended by the Sheung Yu Tea House to give you taste in excel while you are leading towards a fit body and a healthy lifestyle.

Originated from the traditional heritage of Chinese herbal medicine, the formula of Slim Mate Tea integrates elements of Chinese tea brewing method with that of contemporary health science. It is a natural, effective and tasty beverage that gives you the energy to tone up the body, rejuvenate the mind and enlighten the soul.

Main Ingredients:
Excellent Quality Pu'er, Fine Oolong, Selected Rosebuds

Researches indicate that tea possess a lot of excellent anti-oxidant qualities. It is proven that the main components in it can beautify skin, prevent accumulation of fat, prevent cell mutation, lower blood pressure, sugar and lipids, promote digestion and fight infections.

Tealeaves should occupy about 1/3 of the teapot
Pour hot water in and discard it immediately to wash tealeaves
The steeping time for the 1st infusion is about 10~20 seconds
Add 5~10 seconds for every subsequent infusion
Can have 7 to 8 infusions
Appropriate to be taken half an hour after meal
Use for at least 2 weeks for best results

This product is not suitable for people who are pregnant, allergic to Chinese herbs, have low blood pressure or have severe peptic ulcer. For people who are prone to insomnia, do not take after dinner.

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