Fresh  Pu'er -
Control Body Weight and Lower Blood Lipids

The lipid lowering effect of Fresh Pu'er was first discovered in 1970 by the Kunming Medical College First Hospital. Investigations were then carried out at the St. Antoine Hospital of Paris. Results of the investigations were delivered in a medical conference held in 1983, which further supported that Fresh Pu'er are effective agents that help reduce body weight, blood triglycerides and cholesterol. Researches done at a medical centre in Japan also suggested that Fresh Pu'er  is the best lipid lowering agent as it does not have the side effects that could be induced by taking of drugs.


Loose tea-leaves
Place 3 teaspoonful of tealeaves into the metal infuser or tea ball or mug
Pour hot water in and discard it immediately to wash tealeaves
Steep it for 1 minute
Can have 5 infusions

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